Hope Healing Freedom
“Words fail me. I keep trying to put my gratitude in black and white text. No matter how many different ways I approach it, the message always fails to communicate the depth of the gratitude of my heart. I was not expecting your gift. Even after much time to process it, I am a bit in shock. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! This provision gives me and my children HOPE!” 
Hope, healing, and freedom comes in different ways. Since the last regular newsletter in May, Break of Dawn gave over $4000 to single moms in the 2nd Annual Single Mom Nomination & Giveaway. That’s right! Because of your generous donations in the two spring fundraisers, over $4000 of gifts went out to single moms to bless them on their respective journeys. Since May, we’ve also prayed with and talked for hours with single moms and served as the hands and feet of Jesus by providing for essentials like food, clothes, other non-food items, and more.

While Break of Dawn is founded on ministering to teen girls and women who have experienced sexual trauma and sexual violence to find hope, healing, and freedom through Christ, our Single Moms’ Ministry has quickly jumped to the forefront since we regularly get contacted by single moms or people reaching out on behalf of a single mom and her kids. Many times, over the course of ministry, we find the single mom or one of her children has been affected by sexual trauma. We simply pray the Lord brings whoever He wants us to help, regardless of her sexual trauma status or lack thereof, and the vast majority of contacts this last year especially have been single moms. Break of Dawn values marriage, but there are cases where moms are left to care for their children alone, leaving some unable to make ends meet. And, here at Break of Dawn, we don’t give hand-outs, but we extravagantly give time and resources as the hands and feet of Jesus, since God gave it all by sacrificing His one and only Son.

At this time of focused gratitude, thank you for supporting the work we do through your prayers, donations, and volunteering – we sincerely couldn’t do it without you! If you’d like to further support single moms or any of the work we do, donate on #GivingTuesday (Nov 28th), for End-of-Year Giving (postmarked before Dec. 31st), or anytime at DONATE. To learn more about joining the Prayer Team, Board of Directors, or Volunteer Team, reach out at info@breakofdawninc.org. We’d also love to pray for you, so send your prayer requests anytime to PRAYER REQUEST.

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May God abundantly bless you and your family!

Shining His Light,

Jennifer Dueholm
Co-Founder/Executive Director
Break of Dawn, Inc.
Office: 715-520-0855“Then your light will break forth like the dawn and your healing will quickly appear!” Isaiah 58:8
 We take your generosity seriously. To find out more about how financial gifts are stewarded and single moms or gift recipients are vetted, contact Break of Dawn at info@breakofdawninc.org.